Is sunglare bothering you?

Driving can be more dangerous when the sun is low in the sky, as it shines into our eyes and makes traffic lights and street signs harder to see. This is especially true in the early morning and evening time, when most people are commuting to and from work.

The car has a sun visor to help protect you from sunglare, but it’s too short for the times when the sun is shining through the corner of the side window, so it is difficult and stressful trying to merge onto a main road when the sun is in your eyes. You might not see a car, cyclist or a pedestrian, and it’s quite easy to have an accident.

The Joopy sun shade is specially designed to act as a sun visor for the corner of your car door and covers the gap the car’s visor misses, providing protection from sun glare no matter which direction the sun is shining from. It also stays above your view of traffic, just like the car’s visor, so you can drive safely at all times!

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