Product Questions


Will the sun shade fit my car?

The sun shade suits most car doors
with an exposed metal frame above
the side window for the shade’s
magnets to attach to. This exposed
metal frame usually has a shiny
painted surface.

The sun shade does not suit door
frames with plastic trim over the
metal frame, which prevents the
magnets from attaching to it.
You can identify the plastic trim by
its textured finish.

If you do have problems fitting the
sun shade to your car, drop us a
line within 14 days for a full refund,
which includes return postage.

Will the sun shade be secure
once attached to the door?

Once the sun shade is correctly
attached to the car door and the
door closed, the shade is held
securely between the car door
and the car body. The locking
clip also prevents the shade
from slipping down.

Will the sun shade block my
view of traffic through the
side window?

The sun shade should not block
your view of side traffic. It has
been designed to be above your
line of sight and should match
the height of the car's sun visor
when it is flipped over to the side

A good rule of thumb is to check
if the car's sun visor blocks your
view in the position shown below,
adjusting the seat height if
needed. Please see the
Fitting Instructions for more details.

Will strong winds affect the sun
shade when the window
is open?

The sun shade has been tested to be
secure at highway speeds with the
side window open, when it is
correctly mounted.

Why doesn’t the sun shade extend
all the way to the front of
side window?

There are some situations where the
driver needs to look through the front
top corner of the side window, for
example, looking at traffic lights and
street signs when stopped directly
next to them.

It is safer to have this part of the
window clear for good visibility at all
times and to use the car’s sun visor
to provide shading at this spot when

Why can’t I attach and remove the
sun shade while driving?

The sun shade has been designed so
that there is no possibility of the
driver becoming distracted while
trying to attach or remove it while


Is the sun shade UV stable?

The sun shade’s components are
UV-resistant and will withstand the
sun’s effects for many years. The
inks used are also the same as that
used for car bumper stickers.

But when not in use, store the sun
shade in the car’s map pocket or
storage compartment to help
protect it.

Does the sun shade block the
sun's UV rays?

The sun shade material has been lab
tested by the Australian Radiation
Protection and Nuclear Safety
Agency (ARPANSA)
to block 98%
of the sun's UV rays and is
equivalent to a UPF rating of 50+,
the highest possible rating for sun
protective textiles.

The sun shade is slightly translucent
to allow some light to pass through,
keeping the cabin feeling bright and
airy at all times, so you can leave the
sun shade in place even on days
without very strong sunlight.

Please use the sun shade as part of
your sun protection strategy,
which should include sunscreen,
sunglasses etc.

Isn't window tinting a better option?

Many drivers use costly window
tinting to try and improve the level
of in-car sun protection but this
practice isn't encouraged by various
automotivebodies, including the

The RACV's advice on tinting raises
questions on it's effect on UV
radiation, heat and glare, and
highlights safety issues when driving
with the darkened glass.

Joopy Sun Shade avoids these
safety issues while providing better
glare protection than tinting and is
also much more cost-effective.

Is the sun shade waterproof?

Yes, the sun shade can withstand
exposure to rain when it is mounted
on the car door.

Can the sun shade be recycled?

Yes, at the end of its useful life, the
polypropylene plastic can be
recycled by first carefully cutting off
the magnets and disposing of them
safely, for example, placing them
inside a steel container for disposal.


What care does the shade need?

The sun shade has been designed to
be strong and durable but avoid
placing heavy objects on it or
scratching the surface with sharp
metal objects.

If it gets dirty, wipe it with a damp,
soft cloth. Do not use cleaning 
alcohol or chemicals, which can
damage the finish.

Will the sun shade’s magnets
damage the car door’s
paint finish?

No, the shade’s magnets have a
smooth, nickel-plated finish and
will not damage the door’s finish.

But, once in a while, give the door
frame and the sun shade’s
magnets a wipe with a clean cloth
to avoid any abrasion caused by
dirt on the contact surfaces.