Why Joopy?

Fights skin aging and skin cancer

The Joopy Sun Shade is an easy and effective way to protect your skin from sun damage while driving.

When we drive, one side of our faces is always exposed to the sun’s UV rays shining through the side window.

This causes the skin on this side to age faster than the other, even with the use of sunscreen, and leads to more wrinkles, sagging and also more serious skin conditions such as skin cancer.

Recent 2016 US medical research even shows a likely link between sun exposure through the side window to increased rates of cataracts.

The Joopy Sun Shade has been lab-tested to UPF50+, the highest protection category, and helps protect you from the harmful effects of UV radiation!

Plastic surgeon shocked to discover sun wrinkles from driving

Blocks annoying glare and heat

Joopy Sun Shade blocks glare and heat

The Joopy Sun Shade provides welcome shade for your face and makes your drive much more comfortable!

The hot sun shining through the side window makes driving unbearable in the mornings and afternoons. We squint from the glare and feel as if our faces are slowly getting cooked!

The truth is, this heat and glare also takes a toll on our energy and concentration, wearing us out and leading to unsafe driving.


What’s wrong with the car’s visor?

Our cars have a sun visor that you can flip over to the side window, but these are usually too short to shield your face when the sun’s shining from the side.

Doesn’t the side window glass block UV rays?

The car’s side window glass blocks most of the sun's UVB rays, which causes sunburns, but allows most of the UVA rays to pass through. These UVA rays penetrate deep into our skin, damaging the collagen and leading to sagging, wrinkles and skin cancer.

What about window tinting?

Experts have argued over the effectiveness of window tinting, and even automotive bodies such as the RACV, RACQ and RAA(SA) question its benefits, recommending against the practice as it reduces the driver’s visibility in low-light conditions and can lead to accidents. And there’s the cost!

Can the sun shade be bigger?

The sun shade is designed with driving safety as a priority. It’s sized to match the height of the standard car visor and also to keep the front portion of the window clear so you can look up at traffic lights and road signs. It’s small but it makes a big difference!