I'm having problems fitting the
sun shade to my car door

- what shall I do?

Please check the fitting instructions
steps carefully. Also, if you have a
Type 2 door frame, press firmly to
make sure the full length of the edge
stays folded down. 

If you are still having issues, please
send us an email along with the make,
year and model of your car, and, if
possible, please attach a photo of
your car door (similar to the one
shown below) to help us identify the
issue more quickly.


What do I do if the sun shade
blocks my view of traffic through
the side window?

The sun shade has been designed for
a fairly tall driver but if it
still blocks
your view, try adjusting the seat height
to lower
your seating position.

If this still does not help, please do not
use the sun shade and get in touch with
us for assistance.

My sun shade is slightly curved
after some use 
– is there a
problem with it?

The sun shade is made from a flexible
plastic to keep it lightweight, allow it to
adapt to different car doors
and to
prevent damage when it is bent.

High temperatures can sometimes
a slight curve in shape of the
plastic - this is normal and is not a
sign of damage.

It can be bent gently in the opposite
direction to
straighten it if desired.