The Joopy Story

I used to work a long way from home and my daily commute to the office took an hour through peak hour traffic.

In Melbourne's searing summer heat, it was unbearable to say the least!

The car's air-conditioning kept me reasonably cool but it was the sun shining through the side window that irritated me the most.

One side of my face was constantly hot from the sun's rays and I could imagine the skin cells suffering from UV damage.

Looking out the side window at traffic was also tricky with the sun in your eye – not ideal for safe driving!

All this meant an uncomfortable and frustrating drive, and I think a lot of other drivers would have had the same experience.

I couldn't find anything suitable I could buy, so I made my own sun shade that stuck onto the side window.

This offered some relief, but it blocked my view when I wound my window down a little for fresh air and I couldn't open the    window all the way. Sometimes it fell off by itself and it looked weird too.

So, being a engineer and an industrial designer, I put on my thinking cap, went back to the drawing board and JOOPY SUN SHADE was born!

It was a much better design than the original – it worked a treat and also looked a lot better.

The inspiration for the graphic design pattern came from a sea shell I picked up from a beach on an island in Malaysia.

When I held it up to the sun, the light shone through the minute holes on it’s surface and traced out an intricate pattern.

It also represents the refreshing wind blowing in your face when you’re cruising along your favourite coastal road and, hopefully, it will remind you of that drive when you’re stuck in traffic!

Have a nice drive! :)