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From The Bub Hub viewers

"A nifty little Sun Shade!"

"What I was immediately impressed with was the ease of use, the shade is extremely easy to apply, the magnetic tabs are ingenious and the fact that you can still wind the window down if you need without the shade bunching up/gathering, was a big tick in my books."

"I did think 'Really? This little thing is going to be able to block out sun?', but it definitely did."

"Visibility out the window is not hindered in the slightest with this sun shade."

"I could even go through drive through without having to take it off to exchange payment and food. Overall, I was really impressed with the item and its practicality. I'd recommend it to anyone - they're affordable and effective."

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From Mum's Grapevine

"The Joopy Sun Shade makes driving in the sunshine a whole lot easier, meaning mum (and kids) can enjoy the ride."

As featured in Mum's Grapevine's article
"Cruise Control : 18 Clever Car Accessories"

From Behind the Wheel

"At first I was a little concerned about how to fit the Joopy Sun Shade, fortunately it is anything but difficult.. installation took all of 5 seconds!"

"Driving is cooler, more comfortable, there’s less glare and no doubt having this protection is good for your skin health."

"A simple, effective and Australian Made product, full marks!"

Behind the Wheel podcast on the Joopy Sun Shade (broadcast over 40 radio stations across Australia)

Cruise control: 18 clever car accessories
Cruise control: 18 clever car accessories