The annoying side sun! February 12 2018

Do you have a light tint on your car windows, but find the pesky sun still manages to annoy you from the side? Well, Joopy Sun Shade protects your face like no tint can and saves your sanity at the same time!

Share your best Joopy pics! January 10 2018

We know our customers love the Joopy sun shade... now we'd love to hear from you! Send us a photo of yourself, a friend or even your favourite pet with the Joopy sun shade and the best pics we feature will receive a FREE sun shade! Show us the happy times you've had or the cool places you've been with your Joopy shade, we'd all love to see them!

A helpful, little sun shade! November 01 2017

Do you ever notice how many drivers turn into the Incredible Hulk on hot days? The relentless sun burning our faces on our daily commute has driven many to madness! But a little sun shade at the right spot makes driving much more comfortable, small things make a big difference as they say


October is National Safe Work month! October 19 2017

Work-related injury and disease costs the Australian community $62 billion a year and Safe Work Australia helps raise awareness of the need for safe and healthy workplaces. We'd love to see employers providing Joopy shades to their worker drivers for sun protection :)


How much does your tan protect you? October 03 2017

It's easy to get lazy about sun protection if you have a tanned complexion. Some people think that a tan offers adequate protection against the sun's UV rays, but the opposite is true - a tan only provides the equivalent protection of SPF 2 sun screen, which is close to no protection at all under our harsh sun.

Always have a sun protection strategy which includes sun screen and shade elements such as a hat, long sleeve clothing and a Joopy shade for your car.

Spring is sprung, the UV is riz September 01 2017

It's that time of year when the sun starts feeling warmer on the skin, as UV levels rise towards summer, a reminder to pay more attention to our sun protection measures when outdoors or driving.

Clip on your Joopy sun shade when hopping in your car to keep the sun off your face!

Keeping the winter sun at bay June 19 2017

Does the sun annoy you while you're driving in the winter season?

Well, you're not alone! The sun stays lower in the sky through the day compared to summer time, shining in through the side window and into your face. It's irritating, as the car's sun visor doesn't shield the side of your face properly.

A Joopy sun shade offers relief by blocking the sun at the corner of the side window, exactly where you face is... perfect!

Watch out for the autumn sun! April 12 2017

We're well into autumn but the sun's still packing a mighty punch! Daily UV levels are still high even in the southern states and the sun's also staying lower in the sky, causing more annoyance while driving. Protect yourself when outdoors or in the car!

20% off Slate grey shades! December 29 2016

Grab a Slate grey sun shade for your car and protect yourself from the sun's UV rays, heat and glare. They make great gifts for loved ones too!

Beat the X'mas rush December 05 2016

Joopy Sun Shades make delightful Chrissy presents for your friends and loved ones! They're fun to use and so practical, perfect gifts for the summer season. And with free shipping, you don't have to join the mad rush at the shops! Slate shades are also now 20% off! Order by 14 Dec so Aussie Post Santa can deliver it in time :)

Those sneaky UVA rays November 04 2016

Although they don't cause painful sunburns like UVB rays, the sun's UVA rays can't be felt and penetrate the skin to cause long term damage in the form of wrinkles and skin cancer (remember A for ageing and B for burns).

These UVA rays can pass through light cloud or glass, so sitting by a window or driving in our cars exposes us to these harmful rays.

Always have a good sun protection strategy which includes a good sunscreen and a shade device, such as a hat or a Joopy shade for your car.

UV danger for driver workers! October 10 2016

Medical research in Western Australia has shown that workers who drive as part of their job are among the top 3 occupations most at risk from skin cancer.

These drivers are exposed to high levels of UV radiation throughout the day and being inside the vehicle provides a false sense of security as the side windows offer little protection.

Joopy Sun Shade adds an extra level of sun protection for driver workers!

Watch out for the UV! September 27 2016

In October each year, the UV index reaches the High level in the southern states, so we need to pay extra attention to our sun protective measures, such as sunscreen, hat and clothing, sunnies and staying in the shade.

The highest UV levels occur between 10am and 2pm (11 to 3 during daylight saving time), and UV levels can still be high when the sun isn't shining!

Spring is in the air September 01 2016

It's time to put the winter coats away and get back into the great outdoors!

Spring brings fresh new landscapes for us to explore and fun journeys with the family lie ahead. Happy travels!


Oh, the annoying sun! April 05 2016

At this time of the year when the days are getting shorter, the sun shines right into your face through the side window just when we're driving home from work or down to the shops.

But why let that stress you out at the end of a long day? Simply clip your Joopy shade to your door and, voila, instant relief!

Escape and Unwind this Easter! March 16 2016

Get away from it all this Easter on a scenic road trip, but don't forget to clip on your Joopy Sun Shade to keep the heat and glare at bay!

Get ready for an Indian Summer! March 04 2016

Summery conditions are forecast to linger well into autumn for most of Australia this year! Get your sun protection sorted and don't forget to enjoy the warm weather :)

Driving causes lopsided skin aging - BBC February 02 2016

The 2015 BBC documentary The Truth about Looking Young revealed shocking lab-tests results showing that daily driving leads to more pronounced wrinkles on the side of our face facing the side window, as it's exposed to more of the sun's UVA rays than the other.

This was evident not only in truck drivers but also results from the normal daily driving that we all do.

Joopy Sun Shade is an easy and effective way to fight this lop-sided skin aging by shading the side of your face exposed to the sun.

Is driving wearing you out? January 07 2016

Everyone hates the idea of fighting our way through heavy traffic to get to where we're going each day, whether it's work, shuttling the kids around or just running errands. And the scorching sun can make things just a bit more stressful at times!

Too much of the sun's glare and heat makes us uncomfortable and impatient behind the wheel - we've all seen aggressive driving and heard blaring horns in traffic jams on a hot afternoon.

The trick to surviving your daily commute is to keep yourself comfortable while driving. Clip on your Joopy Sun Shade to protect your face from the sun and crank up the A/C, so you're nice and comfy for your drive!


Happy New Year! January 01 2016

Best of health and happiness to everyone for the new year!

Merry X'mas and Happy Holidays! December 25 2015

A happy and safe Christmas everyone from all at Joopy :)

Beautiful weather for roadtrips! December 04 2015

It's nearly the time of year for packing the family and kitchen sink into the car and heading out for a drive to your favourite holiday destination.

Do remember to pack a Joopy Sun Shade to keep the driver cool, comfortable and fresh on those long journeys!

Behind the Wheel reviews the Joopy Sun Shade October 20 2015

Sydney-based Behind the Wheel reviews all things automotive and this week they've tested the Joopy Sun Shade! Check out their review here.

You can also listen to their radio segment here.

Happy School Holidays! September 20 2015

Stay safe on the roads over the school holidays and don't forget your Joopy Sun Shade to make long journeys more comfortable!