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Feel the wind in your hair

With the car door closed, the sun
shade is
held securely in place
and the window can be
down for fresh air or to pick up

your order at the local drive-though.

Great visibility

The sun shade stays above your line
of sight of traffic and is designed to
keep the front portion of the side
window clear to allow an unobstructed
view of traffic lights and street signs.

Works better than window tinting

Blocks side glare better than tinting
doesn't darken the glass,
which makes it safer for night driving.
It's also much more affordable!

Compatible with car’s visor

The sun shade works with your car’s
sun visor to provide complete shading
when needed - simply flip the visor
over to the side window.

New SET & FORGET Locking Clip

The locking clip helps keep the shade
positioned correctly for peace of mind

- just set it once to suit your door type.