Sunburns in Britain

The UK's just had one of its hottest summers on record this year and over a quarter of British drivers reported suffering from sunburn in the car, with over half not realising that UV rays could penetrate the side windows.

Many motorists don't realise that they are still exposed to the sun's UV rays even behind the glass windows of the car. The windscreen blocks most of the UV rays, but the side windows allow a large portion of a component called UVA to pass through.

While UVA does not cause sunburns, it damages the skin's collagen and leads to premature ageing, wrinkles and even skin cancer. Studies have also shown that drivers suffer more sun-related skin damage on the side of their faces close to the side window.

A Joopy sun shade is an easy way to help protect your face and neck from these harmful rays, keeping your skin healthier and more youthful!

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